Saturday, 22 August 2009

Lucky so far

Today the weather is absolutely delightful - what is regarded as a typical English summer's day. Blue skies with the odd puffy white cloud, temperatures in the low 70s (in old money - about 22-23 in new).

But as I left home with the dog yesterday morning, the rain started. Granted, it had virtually stopped by the time I reached the park, so it wasn't too bad. All the same, I got to thinking how lucky I have been with the weather this summer. There have been three occasions when rain would have spoiled a special occasion - the big party on the farm, the Lions' annual barbecue and my nephew's wedding. Despite July being the wettest on record and August not being the best by a long chalk, the weather for all three events could not have been better.

Similarly, we had brilliant weather while on holiday in Provence, and the sun shone for my day in Calais last week. I've quite a bit to be thankful for.

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