Monday, 29 June 2009

Plus ca change etc

Got back mid-evening yesterday after a great holiday and it seems we've brought the weather back with us: a heatwave is forecast for this week. Skip won't believe it, but we're told the temperature will actually reach 30! That's Celsius, of course. In old money we are talking 86, which is hot for here.

Not much seems to have happened while we were away. A fellow Lion's teenage son has been round to turn on the hose and water the vegetables. He's saving hard towards a trip to Lesotho with the army cadets, so I offered to pay him a miserly pittance for keeping the veg alive.

We still have the same government; and Michael Jackson has died.

Like the man said, 'Plus ca change, plus c'est le meme chose.'


Uncle Skip, said...

Uh, oh! I actually got the gist of the quote.

Send us some of that heatwave... please! It was 108 here yesterday, but it's supposed to cool down to 104 today.

Uncle Skip, said...

BTW - welcome home

Brighton Pensioner said...

Yup, the heatwave has arrived. 85-86 today, and humid. Comes of being by the sea, I suppose. I can do without temperatures in three digits.