Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Hotter than the Mediterranean

The heatwave continues. The temperature reached 30 yesterday afternoon and is well on the way to the same figure today. My computer doesn't like the heat and has been playing up. Typing is a slow process with letters not showing up on the screen unless I tap a key several times, which is irritating when I realise that I have typed a complete sentence and only the first word and a half have been accepted! I had to visit the local rag this morning to place an ad for the Lions book fair this weekend and their computer was also on a go slow. The headline in the paper is "Hotter than Ibiza". Not just Ibiza, but Cyprus, Malta and many other places Mediterranean. It's due to break later this week (according to the forecast, in which I have but little faith) with thunder storms on Thursday and lower temperatures and more rain on Friday.

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