Monday, 15 June 2009

Conceited? Me?

There was a piece in the comment section of yesterday's paper in which the author said he had been told that community web sites such as Facebook, Twitter (and presumably Blogger as well) were used by people to keep in touch with people they didn't want to keep in touch with. He went on to say that, in his opinion, people who 'blogged' were displaying a high level of conceit: conceit that anybody else in the world would be at all interested in the minutiae of their dreary lives.

I for one am happy to use this method of keeping in touch, and I am interested in the goings-on of my Californian friends. If it weren't for facilities such as this we would probably lose touch completely, or at the most our contact would be restricted to little more than an exchange of Christmas cards.

I am happy to concede that the author of that newspaper article is not remotely interested in my thoughts and actions: conversely, I'm not really interested in his.

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