Friday, 12 June 2009

Beware the Waffle Trophy!

I'm almost certainly heading for a fall of monumental proportions. If I am, it will be because I have been getting ahead of myself. Not only is the July issue of Jungle Jottings just about finished (it only needs notes from the business meeting next Wednesday), but I have actually started on the August issue! What's more, I have so many things buzzing around in my head that I want to get down on paper - or up on screen - ready for blogs.

This blogging business seems to be acting on me like a drug: unlike Skip (who posts nothing unless he has something to say, or so he claims) if I don't post something every day I think the world will come to an end. Of course, it's not really as bad as that, but it is just as well that other members of Brighton Lions Club don't know of the existence of the Brighton Pensioner and Pebbles. I would almost certainly end up with the Waffle Trophy. This is a trophy presented each year to the Lion who has, in the opinion of the Waffle Trophy committee (the holder from the previous year) provided "a plethora of platitudinous phrases calculated to please". The problem is that most of the other members don't know what a platitudinous phrase is, let alone a plethora. They probably think it's connected with that strange Australian creature. Whatever they think, the trophy tends to be presented to someone who has spent a lot of time on his feet at meetings, whether or not what he said has been calculated to please.


Uncle Skip, said...

Is it a coincidence that waffle rhymes with awful?

Brighton Pensioner said...

But in England it doesn't!

Waffle rhymes with offal;
Awful rhymes with...
Lawful! Orful even!