Monday, 11 May 2009

Oh What a Circus - Act 2

The general public has, by and large, shown disgust at the Government's treatment of the Gurkhas but that is as nothing compared with the anger shown at what has been revealed over the last few days of the way that MPs have played the rules to maximise their expenses claims. Granted, most of the claims appear to have been within the letter of the rules (there are some which, on the face of it, were not), but certainly many of the legal claims could be described as immoral - not in the sense that they were for blue movies (although one was) or ladies of ill-repute, but in that the frequent switching of the second-home designation meant that they could claim for repairs to what had, until the previous week, been unclaimable.

The Daily Telegraph has managed to acquire full details of MPs' claims and has been publishing some of them since last Friday.

It all puts me very much in mind of the song from Evita - "Oh what a circus! Oh What a show!"

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Uncle Skip, said...

Ah yes, the perks of being in a position of trust. . . aka feeding at the public trough.