Thursday, 30 April 2009

Twittering again

No - not, merely random thoughts and comments.

1. Swine flu. I think Matt in the Daily Tel yesterday summed up my feelings pretty accurately. The cartoon showed a woman reading a newspaper article about swine flu and the husband commented, "I'll start worrying about it when the government says it has it under control". Meanwhile, our esteemed BBC seems to be doing its level best to talk up fears.

2. I have made a start on cataloguing my CDs and have got on pretty well so far. 1000 tracks listed and I'm not yet half way through. Interesting, I've discovered recordings I had completely forgotten about. I've also discovered that some tunes feature as many as five times on different compilation discs! That's the trouble with buying compilations - you end up duplicating so many tunes. I have not yet reached the stage of buying a compilation because it has one track that I want, the rest already being in my collection, but it has come close at times.

3. I thought we had finished the Christmas turkey long since - until we had turkey curry for supper. And the OB tells me she is pretty sure there is another in the freezer!

I must get on with the CD collection. Track 1002 is 'In a Little Spanish Town' by Glenn Miller.


Uncle Skip, said...

I much prefer reading your tweets to those abbreviated 140 character ones found on Twitter.
As for compilation CDs, I have a few, mostly arcane Christmas music.
I'm hoping eventually to turn the vinyl record albums I have into CDs one day.

Brighton Pensioner said...

"I much prefer reading your tweets to those abbreviated 140 character ones found on Twitter."

So they're limited to 140 characters, are they? Just shows how much I know about these things. And your comment makes for a pretty backhanded compliment! :) But I will be positive about it and take it in the spirit in which I am sure it was meant. Thank you.