Friday, 13 February 2009

Today's post (I can't think of a title)

Now that the new flooring has been down in the bathroom for some time, it should have just about finished any stretching that it feels inclined to do. Yesterday I decided to replace the metal strip that goes in the doorway to cover the join between the bathroom flooring and the landing carpet. For once in my life, I decided to play safe and, having laid the strip down without screwing it in place, I tried to shut the door. Of course, my reckoning that the new flooring is thicker than the old was correct, and that means that the door won't close over the strip. So, I shall have to take the door down and plane a bit off the bottom. First, remove 20 years' of paint from the screws holding the hinges...

A sad day today. A friend of Sheila's died a couple of weeks back and the funeral was today. Pat had been in Guides with Sheila 50 or more years ago and they have kept in touch ever since. In fact, until Pat moved away from Brighton about 30 years ago, she was a regular at the monthly girls' night where six of them from Guide days met up. Pat did attend perhaps twice a year, in fact she stayed with us only about four weeks ago so that she could be at one of the evenings. A larger than life person in all ways, as are her husband and three children, she will be much missed by the Scout Association in East Grinstead.

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