Thursday, 26 February 2009


I'm not a lover of reunions. That said, I can only remember being invited to three of them. I declined the last one that I received, which was for my year at school. I had spent only three years at this school and could recall very few of my fellow students. The fact that my last two years were in the sixth form meant that there weren't all that many for me to remember, but most of them have faded into the distance. In any case, my one and only experience of reunions had pretty much put me off for life. I was invited back to my original home town to a reunion of my old scout troop on the occasion of its 50th anniversary or some such. I had enjoyed my time in the scouts and had fond memories of several of the boys who had been scouts with me, so I went. I didn't know a single person, and with my non-existent small talk, I spent a very boring hour or two before leaving early and heading home. I have recently received an invitation to another reunion. Again, it is connected to scouts and it is to celebrate the centenary of a group where I was a leader for a few years. Much against my better judgement, I have decided to attend. At least it's local, so if I'm bored stiff I won't have far to drive home!


Uncle Skip, said...

I have been to a number of reunions... other folks reunions. I have yet to go to one of my own, although there have been several.
It would be fun to get Sharon to talk about some of the things that happen at her reunions.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Now you come to mention other people's reunions, I remember that I did go to one with the OB. Something to do with a youth club she used to attend, I think. Not that I can remember too much about it. It was obviously of riveting whatsit.