Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I've just remembered ...

... what I was going to say (write) yesterday, and it really is earth-shattering.

We had run out of recorded television programmes and there was nothing we wanted to watch on the channels we can get, so we watched a film. It was a film I had heard a lot about although I had never seen it. In fact, it had, as far as I know, never been on TV and was too old to have been shown in cinemas in my time, but I had found a DVD at the last-but-one Lions book fair and paid the princely sum of 50p to acquire said DVD.

What was the film? It was "In Which We Serve", made in 1942 (or was it 1943?), starring Noel Coward and the young (very young) John Mills. I think it was intended as a morale booster at a time when we Brits badly needed our morale boosting.

I had great difficulty in understanding the dialogue as they spoke so quickly and in such an excruciatingly upper class accent. I was most disappointed.

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Uncle Skip, said...

I hate it when anyone talks above the level of the audience because I can't thimb through my English to American dictionary fast enough