Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I've been and gone and done it now

I really can't think why I agreed to it. Was it because I find it difficult to say ‘no'? I don't think so; after all, I had no difficulty in turning aside a request from the Lions' District Governor last year — and I didn't even wait to hear what she wanted me to do. Could I perhaps have fallen for flattery? No, because Peter didn't try flattery until I had agreed to let my name go forward as the third member of the Lions' membership committee for next year. I have never served on that committee, and I'm not sure that I really want to, either. I did point out to Peter that I felt the committee has been going about things wrongly, whereupon he reminded me of a comment on one of my staff reports written by a manager who preceded him. This said that I was ‘adept at lateral thinking'. Now I am landed with being on the committee for the next three years, unless there is somebody else in the club who is keen to do the job, which seems highly unlikely. So I had better start thinking of new ways to attract more members into Brighton Lions, ways that are more likely to succeed than the ways that have been tried in the last few years.

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Uncle Skip, said...

The worst thing about being in your first year on the Membership Committee is knowing that in two years you will be chairman.