Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A bouquet for Viking

Despite my moans of yesterday, not everything in England is bad.

On Friday, I placed a small stationery order online with Viking Direct. They promise free next-business-day delivery for orders over £30. I only wanted three items, but they came to more than £30 so I qualified not only for free delivery but also a free box of chocolates.

One of the items (and the chocolates) arrived Monday morning. The deliveryman apologised for the fact that 2 parcels were missing but promised to deliver them on Tuesday. Sure enough, they arrived on Tuesday.

I was amazed to receive a phone call Tuesday lunch time from Viking, apologising for putting two items on the wrong van and checking to see that they had been delivered.

Now that is what I call good service. And the chocolates were very good as well!

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