Monday, 2 January 2017

2016 and all that

(With apologies to Messrs Sellar and Yeatman.)

I am fully aware that as I get older, time passes ever more swiftly, but just how I have been unable to find even a smidgen of it for ten days or so to write the blog is a mystery that passes all understanding.

At this turn of the year so many people look back over the past twelve months that it becomes almost boring to pick up a newspaper or magazine. Many of those I have glanced at - well, some of them - have indicated that they are glad to see the back of 2016 and seem to be of the opinion that this year can only be better. I can't say that I entirely agree with that sentiment, although there have certainly been some low points in the year just gone for my family and friends. A good friend died in the summer, not surprisingly as he had been going downhill for quite a while. Another friend has been diagnosed with prostate cancer which has now spread to his spine - this to add to his heart problems. My brother has been told he has leukemia, and my younger son was told in the spring that the problems he has been experiencing for the past eight years are actually multiple sclerosis.

But hey! It's a bright, sunny day, albeit a tad chilly. I am waiting for a call to collect son and daughter-in-law from the airport, their plane having just landed. They spent the New Year in New York and somewhere in New Jersey with friends of d-in-l. I have been watching the progress of their flight on flightradar24 and even managed to wave at their plane as it flew over the Downs behind the house! I didn't see them waving back.

That's it for now so I will take the opportunity to wish everybody a happy, healthy and peaceful 2017.


Sarah said...

So much to say BP and much of it probably not appropriate comment material (too long and involved etc). Firstly, I am very sorry for the difficulties and losses experienced by you and those you love in the past year. Facing illness and/or the death of those we are close too is incredibly hard and can at times leave you feeling pretty powerless and angry.

My sister was diagnosed with MS 12 years ago (again possibly having had it for several years before diagnosis) when her twin boys were just 3 years old so it is something I have experience of. I can tell you that she has coped with it brilliantly and has kept it's impact on her life and family to a minimum whilst at the same time I know (as I'm sure you do) that it is a very unpredictable condition which affects everyone differently. I hope that your son finds that with the right treatment it really is something that doesn't have to change things too drastically now or in the future.

I hope that 2017 brings some positive news for your friend and your brother as well as you son.

Thinking of you and them and wishing you all well. Sarah

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

The best to you and the OB, my friend.
You are much admired from here.

Brighton Pensioner said...

I'm not sure why there is no facility for replying to individual comments on my blog, perhaps because of the template I use? But it does mean that any response from me has to be by means of a new comment, so here goes.

Sarah, thank you for your thoughts. I find it so frustrating watching others struggle to do things which I know I could do so much quicker and easier than they, but I do try to hold back to allow them a little pride and dignity, especially when I see the OB struggling as she does more and more. But there is hope on the horizon for at least some MS sufferers (the OB does not have MS but a similar condition) with new drugs being trialled.

And Skip, thank you also - although I can't think there is much in me to be admired! Must be the distance that obscures your view.