Saturday, 10 December 2016

With apologies to any Irish readers.

A blind man walked into a bar and asked the barman, “Want to hear an Irish joke?”

The barman told him, “Well, I’m Irish and I won’t appreciate it. The man behind you is 20 stone and is also Irish. The man sitting next to you is 18 stone and he’s Irish too. Do you still want to tell it?”

“No way,” said the blind man. “Not if I have to explain it three times.”


joeh said...

I heard it with blondes.

The thing I love about the Irish is they are hard to offend, just don't make fun of their sports team or their mother. Great culture, great people.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Great Guinness as well!

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

No apologies necessary.
We know it's our superior intellect that;s the cause of others envy.


Brighton Pensioner said...

"our superior intellect"

How could I doubt it?