Monday, 7 November 2016

Still here

My regular reader could be forgiven for thinking that I must have upped sticks and moved to Senegal or Siberia, but no, I'm still here in Dear Old Blighty. It's just that I have been a bit too busy to even surf other's blogs, let alone post on mine. The reason is quite simple.


Brighton Lions put on a fireworks display on Bonfire Night. It's something we have done for 50 years or more, and our display has been rated as oe of the top ten in the country by a national Sunday newspaper. We have taken to selling tickets on our website - and I am the mg handling the sales! That, of course, is in addition to all the other bits and pieces that make up day to day life in this personal madhouse.

So, an order is advised to me by email. I print out a packing sheet, add the tickets, print a postage-paid envelope, stuff it, and put it aside for posting. Note the details on a spreadsheet, then post the sale (two transactions - the sale itself and the credit card handlinñ fee as a separate entry) in the accounts software. Until last Tuesday I was kept busy, but I was on top of things. Then sales went throôgh the roof.

( Whh do I keep getting letters with stabge accents appearing? Something to do with this tablet, no doubt.)

From then on, posting the accounts went by the board. Now, after the display last Saturday, I am gradually catching up.

It went well, thank you. I wasn't able to see the display being busy counting the cash takings, some £15000 on the night, plus almost another £3000 credit cards to add to the advance sales. We should show a profit of nearly £15000 for the event.

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(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I'm sure your club appreciates every bit of the work you have done for the event.
I know I can surely appreciate it from here.