Tuesday, 13 September 2016


That's what I am supposed to be doing this evening, bowling.  The 10-pin variety. I don't much like bowling, and I'm not much good at it either. It's not exactly my choice of a way to spend an evening - but I'm duty driver tonight for the blind club, and they are going bowling, so a-bowling I will go.

Last time I drove on a bowling evening, I played against some of the blind (and partially-sighted) - and they beat me! I'm not at all sure that the exercise (of bowling) would do much for the arthritis in my hands so I think I'll sit it out tonight.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!


Anonymous said...

Last time I went bowling I ended up in A&E with a broken finger nail - I'm not even joking! The bowling ball rolled down my finger somehow (I know, probably doing it wrong) caught my nail and ripped it half way down, blood everywhere! I'm never going bowling again!

Sarah said...

It's me by the way (Sarah Mac - if you hadn't guessed!) don't know why I'm anon!

Brighton Pensioner said...

Sarah, with a tale like that, who else could it have been?