Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A bit of a wimp

Was it only last Thursday that I posted a picture of Fern aged 2 weeks?  My, how time flies, as here she is at 5 weeks!

She was born in army married quarters and the whole litter - 8 of them - soon became used to being picked up and cuddled, even by children. Possibly as a result, Fern has always loved children. She was more than happy to play with this young lad in the park - and fortunately his mother was very relaxed about it!

She has, however, always been rather timid as far as other dogs and animals are concerned.  If we are heading towards even two other dogs, and sometimes only one, she will try to take a detour to avoid them. No chance of her getting into a fight! She is terrified of cows and positively refuses to go into a field if there is one in sight. In her bed at night, however, she is a different animal. Just let a fox yelp and she sets up a furious barking. She had me up twice last night.

And despite the photographic evidence to the contrary, she dislikes snow. It gets compacted between her toes and her pads and makes walking very painful.

(You might gather that there ain't much else today.)

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Sarah said...

She is totally adorable BP - dogs make the best friends! Gus it totally unfazed by cows but he feels the same about other dogs as Fern does but only when he's on a lead (which he hardly ever is). I think he likes to know that he could get away if he wanted to.