Saturday, 16 July 2016

Have-a-go hero

The television news last night and this morning's newspapers are, unsurprisingly, full of coverage of the shocking event that took place in Nice on Thursday night, with more space devoted to the military coup in Turkey.  (That should delay the country's acceptance into the EU for several more years.)  But in the midst of all the horror, there was one example of desperate daring, insane bravery, that has almost escaped notice.  It was mentioned - almost in passing - on the television news and is covered by a short sentence in this morning's newspaper.

As the lorry was driven along the Promenade des Anglais, the driver apparently firing a handgun, a motorcyclist drew level with the cab and, still riding his bike, attempted to open the driver's door.  he presumably hoped to be able to overpower the driver and stop the lorry, but just how he could have done that is beyond my understanding.  However, there is just the briefest mention that he fell off his bike under the wheels of the lorry.

Nobody seems to be concerned about who he is, and there are no reports of what happened to him.  Is he injured but alive, or was he crushed to death?

Whatever, he is to be applauded for attempting to do something, even if the chances of success where infinitesimally small.

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