Saturday, 19 March 2016

Little things

I have heard it said that it is the little things that cause relationships to break up.  That is something I can believe as it is nearly always the little things that niggle and irritate the most.

But the converse is also true: little things can provide an inordinate amount of pleasure.  I am still smiling inwardly with the pleasure I received from a little thing just this morning.  As I reached the kitchen sink to do the washing up after breakfast I glanced out of the window.  Just a few feet away was a song thrush, hammering a snail (although it looked to me as though the snail was already out of its shell).

That was about the third occasion inside a week that I had seen a song thrush in the garden although my previous sighting was a long time before that.  This is a species that has been in severe decline for a number of years so seeing one has been good.

After watching for a few moments this morning, I turned away for something - and when I turned back there was a second thrush coming up the garden.

I do so hope they are here to stay.

And just to add icing to my pleasure, a wren appeared.  Certainly one of my favourite birds, more often heard than seen, and possibly my top favourite.

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