Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas lights

Even small villages in France seem to delight in putting up lights as Christmas decorations, although they are generally secular in nature, wishing people 'happy holidays' rather than 'merry Christmas'.  In the village of Soudan icicles are hung from the high roof of the church's east end, while the trees in the car park beside the church are srrung with lights in various colours.

In Pouancé, however, there are fewer lights but boxes wrapped in bright paper are hung from every conceivable place to decorate the town.

Just up the road from us,a near neighbour has more lights in his front garden than there are in the whole of Pouancé!


joeh said...

Whatever your faith or non faith it's a great season!

Sarah said...

I love walking the dog at night at this time of year and seeing all the lights. By coincidence this year I have red lights in my window, my next door neighbour has blue and next door again has white - very patriotic!