Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Burning the Clocks

Each year, on 21st December, a free public event known as Burning the Clocks is held in Brighton.  This involves people making lanterns from paper and willow, then processing through the city to the beach, where all the lanterns are burned on a huge bonfire.

Yesterday's parade (Pic: The Argus)

This could, perhaps, be described as a traditional Brighton event - except that it only started in 1993!  But every tradition has to start somewhere, so why shouldn't this be called a new tradition?

I am (almost) ashamed to admit that I have never watched the parade or the bonfire, but here is a video of last year's parade and bonfire.


joeh said...

Don't know why it started or what it represents, but it looks like fun!

Brighton Pensioner said...

Joe, the organisers say, "Burning the Clocks is a lively celebration of the turning of the year but also a time for reflection and thought, who are we? Where have we been? Where are we going? What do we want for our City?"

But who cares? It's fun!

Mike @ A Bit About Britain said...

Looks fun, BP. My kids love Brighton for its exuberance. Really just popped over to say Merry Christmas to you and the OB - and may your New Year be everything that's good.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Thank you, Mike. Yes, Brighton does do exuberance - a bit too much sometimes! And all the very best Christmas w3ishes to you and your family.