Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Running to stand still

Was it the Red Queen who was trying to make Alice run faster to stop everything going backwards?  It's been rather like that chez BP the last few days.  I came back from the Lions meeting on Wednesday last week with a host of things to do - and every time I have completed one job it seems to have thrown up three more!  The result has been a complete lack of time for blogging.

Anyway, I think I have broken the back of those tasks, although there is still quite a list that will need attention, urgent attention in some cases, when I get back from France in the middle of next week.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering by how much the value of my car has depreciated over the last 24 hours now that VW have been proved to have falsified the emission figures of their diesel cars. I drive a diesel-powered car, although it is not a VW.  All the same, I reckon that it won't be long before all manufacturers admit doing exactly what VW have done.  And who will want to buy a used diesel now?

It does occur to me that VW (and probably other manufacturers as well) have sold cars under false representations.  How long will it be before some enterprising lawyer starts recruiting potential claimants for a class action?


joeh said...

Those class actions are being processed as you write I'm sure.

Suldog said...

I agree with Joe. Knowing lawyers, they are already planning their purchases of a third vacation home.