Saturday, 22 August 2015

It doesn't happen often

Perhaps I should qualify that statement, even simply by adding the words "in England".

This afternoon it is more comfortable indoors than out, which in itself is not exactly unusual.  What makes it unusual today is that it is uncomfortably warm and sticky out of doors.  I have just this minute - well, maybe five minutes ago - come back from walking the dog.  Although I decided against Stanmer woods (too crowded on a fine Saturday afternoon, and with Brighton & Hove Albion playing at home getting to and from might be tedious) I deliberately chose a route where we would be sheltered from the sun.  Even so, Fern was flagging a bit by the time we were nearly done.  Mind you, the temperature had come down a bit by then.  It was 28 when we started out and by the time we got home again it had dropped to 27!


joeh said...

28? Whoa. If it was 28 I'd be shivering. Oh wait, you did say in England...never mind.

Sarah said...

Thunder and lightning over Somerset at the moment BP - hopefully it will clear the air (although no rain as yet!)

Sarah said...
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