Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Goodbye, Wednesday

The Old Bat and I seem to be on a health thing at the moment.  I had a blood test yesterday in preparation for my appointment with the rheumatologist next week, and this morning the OB had a CT scan ready for her next appointment with the oncologist in a couple of weeks' time.  And each one has been or will be at a different surgery, clinic or hospital.

So that was my morning gone. This afternoon, once I had walked the dog, I hightailed it to my son's house to see to the cats, the rabbit and the chicken.  Son and partner, together with my two grandsons and son's partner's daughter, have been at our place in France for a couple of weeks, due to return on Monday.  As they were getting ready to leave for the Dieppe-Newhaven ferry, they realised that their passports were still with the reception desk of a hotel they had stayed at for a couple of nights.  But no, said the hotel, we haven't got them.  So followed a dash to Paris to get emergency travel documents.  They managed to switch the ferry crossing to Tuesday - but then couldn't get the documents in time for that ferry and the next available one is tomorrow.  What a way to end a holiday.

Now, I've got bedding to iron and a treasurer's report to prepare for tonight's Lions meeting . . .