Tuesday, 14 July 2015


This is the Neuen Schloss (New Palace) in Oberschleissheim and it was the venue for the highlight of our recent trip to visit Schleissheim Lions Club in Bavaria.

Every year, the Schleissheim Lions hire the palace to put on a concert they call Schlossfest, one of their two biggest fund-raising events each year..

The ground floor of the palace has one large room in the central part of the picture above with an equally large room on the floor above.  Outside is a terrace with a flight of steps leading down to the garden.  It is on that terrace that a band played for an hour before the concert itself began.  I pictures them rehearsing during the afternoon.

Concert-goers entered the palace from the front and made their way into the large reception room where they were presented with a programme and a glass of bubbly (or orange juice).  Tombola prizes had been scrounged by the Lions - several hundred of them - and these were displayed on banks of tables.

An impressive staircase led to the first floor where the room had been set up as a concert hall, seating some 400 or more.  (Tucked away at the far end of a corridor was a lift for the less mobile.)

For an hour we were entertained by very talented young musicians ranging in age from 10 to 19.  Each had been in the top three of national competitions and each was from the local area.  During the concert, four groups of youngsters were presented with prizes of €1,000 in recognition of community service they provided. The prizes were donated by a local bank.

After the concert, drinks and a two-course dinner could be collected in the ground floor reception room and tables and benches had been set up in the garden.

I won four prizes in the tombola: a large lavender plant at least 18 inches across - imagine trying to take that on Easyjet!; a pass for 10 free sessions at a local gym; a voucher for a meal at a local restaurant; and a bottle of wine, which I couldn't bring home as we had no hold luggage.  All four found good homes among our hosts.

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