Sunday, 21 June 2015

Obsolete signs

A few days ago I reposted a blog referring to obsolete signs on motorways and illustrated it with a picture of a sign dating from 1828.  There is another obsolete sign nearer to home that is even older.  It is to be seen on the side of a toll booth beside the Kingston roundabout, a building used as a store by the roadside caterer and, as you can see, dates from 1770:

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joeh said...

It is sad how in this country when something becomes obsolete it is torn down or built over. In my little town there was a small building in front of the police station by a central traffic corner which apparently was used by traffic controllers to get out of the heat or rain. It was unused for years, but I always thought it quaint and interesting. Several years ago they completely rebuilt the police station and without any input from residents this little one man station was torn down...after all, it was obsolete.