Friday, 3 April 2015

Neither here nor there

I wasn't here yesterday.  Well, I was here in that I was at home in Brighton, but I wasn't posting.  And, in actual fact, I shouldn't have been here anyway.  I had a date for lunch with my one-time long lost cousin at a Wiltshire pub.  This has become an annual event over the past four years (or maybe it's five years) as the OB and I drive down to Somerset on Maundy Thursday.  And that is indeed where I should by tradition be today, on the farm in Somerset.

We have spent Easter on my cousin's farm each year for about 30 years and were due to do so again this year.  But health issues have got in the way.  The Old Bat came back from France (nearly two weeks ago now) with a cold from which she seemed to have largely recovered.  Unfortunately, it seems to have morphed into something else as she became quite unwell yesterday.  Meanwhile, she generously allowed me to share her cold - something I rarely take advantage of - and that seems to have provoked a whole flood of arthritic stiffness and pains and, for a day or two, I completely lost the will to eat.

It seems as though, for the last ten days or thereabouts, we have been like the man and woman in the weather house only with us, instead of there being one in and one out, it has been one up and one down!

Now, what can we do with that 11-pound turkey sitting in the freezer?


Suldog said...

I would suggest cooking the turkey, anyway, and perhaps the lovely aromas will be an uplift to your spirits? God bless.

#1Nana said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. Happy Easter.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Thank you both. I'm pleased to say that both she and me are feeling much better now.