Friday, 20 March 2015

This, that - and possibly the other

Well, that was very nearly a non-event.  The solar eclipse, I mean.  Here in south-east England the eclipse was due to be only about 83% although in other parts of the country I gather it was more like 95% or greater.  The only problem was the cloud cover - which in Brighton remained 10/10.  It did get a bit gloomy while I was out with the dog, and the temperature dropped quite dramatically.  But that was all.

I understand that the next major eclipse will be in 11 years' time.  I wonder if I will still be around to see it?


I have reached the stage of rarely bothering to correct people when, after we return from a short visit to France, they ask, "Did you have a good holiday?"  My point is that we haven't been on holiday; we've simply been living in our other home for a while, doing all the usual things like redecorating and gardening.


That takes care of the this and the that, but I've completely forgotten what the other was going to be!


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Right.... it's only a holiday when someone else does all of the work.

joeh said...

I have yet to witness an eclipse, here is hoping we both see the next one.