Sunday, 22 March 2015


Or rather, royalties.

I have received an email from Amazon telling me that the first royalty payment for Lavender For My Lady is on its way.  Not that I will see any of it as it is all being paid to Brighton Lions Charity Trust.  All £5.06 of it.  I don't think the treasurer will have any difficulty in explaining that the Lions are not engaging in money laundering!

It is said that everybody is entitled to their 15 minutes of fame.  Or something like that.  Well, I'm pleased to tell you that you, my faithful regular readers, can claim your 15 minutes-worth.  Maybe even more than 15 minutes.  You have, after all, had the opportunity to read the words and take part in electronic conversation with a best-selling author.  Yes, folks, that is me.  Mind you, Lavender appears to be slipping in the Amazon best-selling list.  I've just checked and see that it has fallen from number 203,228 to 249,917.  Calamity!  Disaster!

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