Friday, 13 March 2015

Princess Row, Scene 10 - and the challenge!

The better weather that day had done little to inspire Max to start a new picture but at least he had thought about art for a change.  Idly flicking through some old magazines while Roger was watching television during the evening, he chanced upon an article about the Brighton Festival; in particular about the Artists= Open Houses.  It was not something he had ever taken part in: their own house was too small and he had never been able to face the bother of taking his pictures to another house where, as he put it, some ignorant amateur would hang his work as badly as it could be done.  Besides, he dreaded the thought that the chocolate-box kittens and pastel Downland views of other artists (not that he considered them to be Areal@ artists) would attract red Asold@ stickers, whereas at the end of the Festival he would be left to remove every one of his paintings.  He was surprised to see from illustrations of some of the art displayed the previous year that there were pictures displayed which looked almost as challenging as his own.  The article included a contact we site address.  Max deliberated for only a few minutes before powering up the computer and filling in the registration form.


So, the challenge.  Quite simply, where do you think the story should go from here?

Here are a few possibilities to stimulate your thoughts:

  • Does Irena act as a detective to solve a problem, with Tom as her (unlikely) assistant?
  • If there is a matter needing Irena to act as a detective, would that be:
  • financial irregularity spotted by Roger?
  • something arising from Max taking part in an Open House?
  • Could the new owner of the Carstairs' house know something in Irena's past which she wants kept secret?
  • Does Katie disappear, possibly kidnapped in a case of mistaken identity?
  • Does the burgeoning friendship between Tom and Irena develop further?
  • Who will buy the Carstairs' house, and what effect will he/she have on the storyline?
You may well feel that the comments box provides insufficient space for your contribution to this sure-to-be-best seller and, if so. you are welcome to email the next chapter or two to me at a special address set up for only this exercise:  I look forward to hearing from you.

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