Monday, 30 March 2015

Daylight savings

I really can't imagine why the powers that were saw fit to describe putting the clocks forward an hour in summer as saving daylight.  It doesn't matter a fig how we set our clocks; Old Ma Nature doesn't allow us to put daylight aside, saving it for later.  We are given our however-many-hours each day.  If we decide not to make use of it, tough.  We won't get those hours given to us again.

Putting the clocks forward at an unearthly hour yesterday morning hasn't helped me at all today.  I've still run out of time and I am only now, shortly before the Old Bat serves up tonight's supper (moussaka, in case you're interested), getting round to thinking about blogging.

So that's it; I've thought, I've done.


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...


joeh said...

I say we compromise, adjust the clocks back 1/2 hour, and be done with it. Leave them alone forever.