Friday, 27 February 2015

Normal is good


It was yesterday afternoon when I had my eyes tested and the optician told me, "everything is normal".  I told him that normal can be a depressing condition but he responded that as far as eyes are concerned, normal is good.  Anyway, I do need a new pair of glasses as my eyesight has changed deteriorated.  The Old Bat had her eyes tested as well and she too needs a new prescription.  Just as well that she was there as I had no means to pay having expected that I would pay when I collect the new specs.

Today is not a normal Friday.  A normal Friday involves the Old Bat having her hour in the diving bell while I wander through the old buffers and their memsahibs at Sainsbury's.  Today, however, she has an appointment with a new specialist at the local hospital.  The last two times she has been there we have had to ask for an ambulance with a two-man crew to be sent to get her up the drive.  I would have taken her in the car but the normal situation is that there is a 90 minute wait to get into the car park.  Today the appointment is in the cancer clinic so I can drop her off right outside the door and then go and find a parking place on the street somewhere.  She is to get the result of a scan taken a couple of weeks or so back at the request of the doctor at the Royal Marsden who found it difficult to believe how well she looked.  So I'm hoping and keeping everything crossed.


Sarah said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you and the OB too BP, I hope today goes well.

I was considering just yesterday if I should have my eyes tested. I've always assumed they were fine but I was really struggling to read the label on some Green & Blacks chocolate at Sainsburys last night.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I hope you know you're both in my thoughts every day.
I also totally commiserate with your regarding the details of grocery shopping.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Thank you, both Sarah and Skip. Everything went better than could have been hoped for. The doctor said how good it was to be able to give good news for a change. The latest scan showed that the OB's liver has improved greatly so she will see her GP in 3 months for liver function tests and then the oncologist in 6 months. Huge relief all round!