Sunday, 25 January 2015

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

It is about this time every year that I get a sort of stir crazy.  It's not that I have been confined to the house for any length of time; far from it as I have been out every day.  usually twice a day, in fact, walking the dog, on top of all those other excursions to such exciting places as the supermarket and the doctor's surgery.  But it is at about this time that I suddenly wonder, did I really walk through the woods in shorts and t-shirt with sandals on my feet?  Was it really only a few short months ago?  And will it ever happen again?  I get so accustomed to swaddling up in a thick coat with hat, scarf and gloves and wellies on my feet that it really doesn't seem possible that summer will ever come again.

I don't think I would want to live in a place where it's summer all the time; that would just get boring.  One can, after all, have too much of a good thing.  And I'm equally glad that I don't live somewhere like Finland - or Winnipeg.  I've been watching the weather reports for Winnipeg - it just happens to be the last place in the "Rest of the World" list on the back page of the paper - and they have endured temperatures well below freezing, as low as -30 Celsius, for weeks.

Oh well, warmth will come again and in the meantime, I must just look at some of the photographs I have taken in warm weather, like this courtyard in southern France where we bought some wonderful wine direct from the producer.

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Sarah said...

I feel the same BP, I'm longing for a little sun and warmth. We walked Gus up Burrow Mump on the Somerset levels yesterday, it was a bracing walk!