Sunday, 11 January 2015

Random Thoughts

I very nearly gave this post a different title - Odd Thoughts - but decided that might give readers the wrong impression, so Random Thoughts it is.

* * *

Why is it, I ask myself, that I can start to write about something knowing full well how the piece is going to end - and only realise the following day that it didn't end how it should have done?  Is it the mind - my mind - that wanders, or do the fingers on the keyboard exert some hidden pressure and take me to places I don't want to go?  It's rather like setting off to visit Blackpool, only to find oneself in Bradford!  Most unsettling.

* * * *

And how does the great Blugger decide which comments on my posts should be sent on to me as emails and which should remain in the nether land of obscurity?  In order to ensure that I see and read all comments, I have to go to the "comments" link on the dashboard!

* * * * *

Nature seems to be confused - again.  (I'm so glad it doesn't happen just to me!)  There is a Christmas rose in bloom in the garden; by that I mean a hellebore, not a summer rose blooming late, which is in bloom at the right time of the year.  Mind you, there is also a yellow Welsh poppy (a summer flower) and the passion flower has a solitary bloom (should have been over in October-ish).  Early daffodils are in bloom along the fence of our local primary school, and yesterday I saw my first primroses of the year in Hollingbury woods.  Just a few, but very early.  That must be a warm bank as I recall seeing the first primrose in the same spot last year.

* * * * * *

There seems to be a thing about schools and flag poles.  One school a couple of miles away has had a flag pole for some years now and has a great selection of flags to fly from it; the Union Jack, St George's flag, the Olympic flag and so on.  Then at Christmas they were flying a flag with the words "Merry Christmas".  And late last year our local primary sprouted a flag pole.  (I wonder if they thought to get planning permission?)  They had the "Merry Christmas" flag as well, and are now flying one wishing people a "Happy New Year".

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