Monday, 5 January 2015

If winter comes . . .

. . . can spring be far behind?

It has turned very mild today, almost spring-like.  And it seems to have got to the birds.  When I opened the door to let the dog down the garden in the half-light, I was serenaded by a robin in the cherry tree.  It was pleasant, but robins sing all year round so I thought no more about it.  But later, in the park, a wood pigeon burst into coo and as well as what seemed like a multitude of robins, I heard blue tits chattering to each other, wrens singing their song much louder than one would expect from such a small bird and several blackbirds.  But the star of the show was a song thrush and I stood listening to him for several minutes.

Anyway, I've a busy day ahead.  A lunchtime meeting (with fellow directors) with a man who wants to do a deal with us.  We have dealt with him in the past but many of us (indeed, most of us) have learned not to trust him.  Before shaking hands with him, I always make sure my watch is firmly fastened.  After shaking hands, I check that I still have my watch - and count my fingers!  But we still hope to recoup some of our previous loss with the proposed deal.  Time will tell.


Jenny Woolf said...

Good luck. Sounds as if you might be dealing with a rather difficult person.

Sarah said...

Hope the meeting went well. There are signs of an early Spring all around at the park, buds on trees and birds singing, I've decided that Winter is officially over!