Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I was going to write about something

It's been a funny old day.  When I opened the curtains in the shortly-after-dawn gloom, it was to see that we had been blessed(?) with a sprinkling of snow overnight.  Not enough to make a snowman; indeed, not a lot to spare after making a snowball!  After breakfast, the dog I and I ventured forth to the park but we had got less than half-way down the park before Fern stopped, holding up a paw as if to say, "This hurts!"  Hardly surprising, given that the fur between her pads had accumulated snow which had become compressed into a lump of ice the size of a golf ball.  I had forgotten just how she manages to collect snow in her paws and how painful it must be.  We turned for home, but had to stop three more times to melt ice in her paws.

For some reason, the road leading up to our house turns into a skid pan or skating rink at the drop of a snowflake - and this morning was no exception.  Which was a nuisance as I had an appointment with my rheumatologist.  I decided not to risk taking the car for what would usually be a drive of 10-15 minutes.  It took an hour and 20 minutes on the bus, and another hour and twenty minutes to get back home again.  That was the morning gone - and part of the.afternoon.

I declined to take Fern out again but the snow had melted so I went shopping instead.  And now it's after four and I've only just checked my emails.

There was something I wanted to write about - but I've forgotten what it was.


#1Nana said...

I frequently have those days. The blessing of retirement is that I can always accomplish something tomorrow.

Brighton Pensioner said...

As you say, that's the blessing of retirement!