Monday, 29 September 2014

I do give in

Sometimes.  And then, usually, wonder what on earth possessed me.  It's those darned quiz thingies on the dreaded Facebroke.  I did it only the other day.  One of my Facebroken friends had gone through the torture and hit the "share" button or whatever it is (I never do that!) and the next thing I knew, I had clicked to do the quiz myself.  Why in the name of all that's sane I should be interested in what my name should be once I have retired is something I will need to discuss with my therapist.  After all, I am already retired.  But why should the name that best suits my retirement ambitions be Irving?  IRVING?  Whoever heard of that as a name?

What I do manage to resist is (or are) all those games that friends recommend.  You know, Candy Crush and Farmville and Pin the Tail on the Trog and such like.  They don't interest me in the slightest.  But neither do those quiz thingies either, so I'm completely at a loss.

It's not as though I actually use Facebroken.  Well, not to participate actively.  I just like to lurk to see what people I know are doing.  Although even that's not exactly true.  I have set up a page for Brighton Lions Club and try to post something at least once a week.  It seems to be quite a good way of keeping our name in front of people.  And here is the link, just in case.

While the OB was in hospital last week, I parked the car at Brighton marina when I went visiting her.  It's free there, unlike at the hospital.  Besides, the hospital car park is usually full with an hour's waiting time.  I could catch a bus for the short ride from the Marina to the hospital, using my free bus pass.  As the weather was so good, I strolled back along the seafront, past Brighton's famous nudist beach.  This is it.  The bank of shingle has been built up to provide privacy and there are warning notices so people aren't too shocked if they see naked men and women.  As you can see, there were none when I walked past last week.

Talking of notices, I did rather like this sign outside a pub:


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I have found myself answering some of those f/b quizzes.

Curiosity, you know...

I can't quite bring myself to post the results.

That is unless I find it humorous.

Sarah said...

I actually did the 'What kind of serial killer would you be' quiz (apparently, a good one!) ...

Brighton Pensioner said...

OK, Sarah. (Sigh) I'll ask; what kind of serial killer are you?