Saturday, 6 September 2014

Highly recommended

Or, as Skip would say, another blatant site hype.  Actually, it's going to be two sites hyped.  Now, I'm not a great one for saying, "You must read this book" or, "You must see this programme".  I'll say that I enjoyed a book and suggest that whoever might do also as I know something about his or her tastes.  And I'm not into proclaiming somebody The Whatever of the Year and that sort of thing.  I always bear in mind the fact that people whom I have not selected as The Whatever of the Year might be disappointed or, worse, feel that their efforts have not been appreciated so they won't make any more.  But all that aside, I am going to single out a couple of blogs whose authors, I think, deserve recognition by the English Tourist Board.

Jenny, whose blog is entitled *An English Travel Writer*, is the first.  Quite why she has those asterisks in the title is something I have never asked - and probably shouldn't.  But they are, as far as this recommendation is concerned, of no importance.  Jenny, accurately enough, describes herself as English and most of her travel-related posts are about England, although she does sometimes provide titbits about foreign trips she makes in her professional life.  An excellent example of her writing about England is her piece on Selby Abbey.

The other blogger I should like to mention is Mike "A Bit About Britain".  His posts are full of fascinating detail about the places he visits around Britain, or - more pedantically - Great Britain, which is the island comprising England Scotland and Wales.  I still wonder just how he finds the time to make all these trips - and then dig out all the detail about the places he visits.  Just look at his piece about Bodiam Castle.

Both Jenny and Mike, it seems to me, pay considerable attention to their writing.  Well composed sentences with spelling and punctuation orl korrekt, interesting narrative and quirky details concerning the places they write about.  Both well deserving of travel awards in my view.  Why don't you drop by and see what you think.  And who knows, you might be inspired to visit some of those places yourself.


Jenny Woolf said...

Thanks very much for recommending my blog! And I'm glad to be paired with Mike, whose blog I love.

Mike @ A Bit About Britain said...

I'm really flattered - thank you! Also quite amazing that you took the trouble to say these things. Plus - it's very pleasing to be mentioned alongside Jenny, because she's a REAL writer!

Sarah said...

I found Mike just last week (probably through you) and absolutely agree, a great blog, well written with great photos. I've very much enjoyed trawling through his posts, I'll have to pop over and take a look at Jenny's now.