Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Getting old

Yep, I've come at last to that conclusion: I am getting old.  I know it happens to all of us - except Peter Pan - to get 12 months older every year, but I really had hoped I would never develop the symptoms of old age.  I really don't mind that my hair has turned grey, I'm not vain about that.  Mind you, I would have preferred to be silver or white instead of the dingy, sad grey that my hair has become.  I'm slightly less content about the bald patch - although the last time I had my hair cut the young lady (who was cutting my hair for the first time) seemed to get the hair to just the right length to cover that spot.  I must make sure it is she who cuts my hair next time!  The waist has expanded very little over the years, for which I am grateful as I hate those saggy stomachs that flop over the belt.  Have you noticed how many men will wear shorts that positively scream, "LOOK AT ME!" with one of those stomachs?

No, my problems are mental.  And there are two of them.

I am becoming a cantankerous, grumpy old git.  I have a tendency to get upset by council officials who send me emails about missed recycling collections without any regard to the actual content of my complaint.  Cyclists riding along a busy, fairly narrow, winding road annoy me intensely - especially when they are completely ignoring the new cycle path constructed beside the road at enormous expense.  I try not to yell at drivers who either fail to signal their intentions - or, as seems to happen frequently, give the wrong signals.  I even had to bite my tongue yesterday when the Old Bat said something to me.  It wasn't what she said as the way she said it, something to which I should have become accustomed after nearly 50 years of marriage.

All this means that I am more and more having to remind myself of the Garbage Truck rule, so much so that I was going to include it in this post.  Which leads me to the second symptom of my old age.

I was reasonably confident that Skip had first posted the rule on his blog, so I searched for it and found it.  Then I also found it on my own blog - just three months ago!  Help! My memory is going!  I must be getting old!

Anyway, just in case you are curious about that Garbage Truck Rule, you'll find it here on Skip's blog.  And it's here on mine.


Mike @ A Bit About Britain said...

Jury's out on that. I totally agree about letter (and email) writing - come back the following day. But I've ALWAYS been a grumpy old git...and whilst it's good to turn the other cheek, because life is short, I do find some larger corporations want to specialise in walking all over people. And we need to help them to stop doing that.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Wasn't I full of wisdom?
I wonder where it went.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Mike: I do find some larger corporations want to specialise in walking all over people So you've noticed that as well!

And Skip, it's right there under your nose - probably hidden by the fungus ;-)

joeh said...

A good thought!

Buck said...

One of my favorite sayings, and something I tend to say waaaay too much: "Gettin' old ain't for sissies." It sure beats the alternative, though.