Tuesday, 10 June 2014

In a quandary

I dare say you know pretty much how I feel about this.  I need a job doing and I don't know who to turn to.  Part of the problem for me is that this is a somewhat specialised matter and I can find nobody locally who claims to able to do it.

Now that my father's Arctic Star has arrived, I should like to have his medals from the Second World War properly cleaned, mounted and framed together with a picture of him in uniform.  I did try remounting my grandfather's medals from the First World war but made a bit of a botched job so I would really want to have the job done by somebody who knows what he is doing.  Then I would have my grandfather's medals and his picture framed as well.  Ideally, it would be good to have both grandfather and father in the same frame.

It is generally said that personal recommendation is the best way of finding a tradesman - but in this case there is nobody I know who could give me such a recommendation.  So I have resorted to searching the internet.  Not surprisingly perhaps, I have found several people who will remount the medals, and at vastly different prices.  I have also discovered a couple of people who will frame them, including one who will also put both sets of medals and two photos in the same frame.  But it seems that I will need to have the medals remounted by somebody else.  On the other hand, I have also discovered a firm which will do both the remounting and framing.  They would appear to be the cheaper option, but the illustrations on their web site show that the medals are not arranged the way I would like.

Needless to say, all the web sites carry glowing recommendations from highly satisfied customers.  At least, that is what is claimed - but I know as well as anyone that customer recommendations on a web site can be just so much puff and air.  I'm not over happy about committing those medals to the post anyway, but to send them off to somebody I have never before heard of would be a leap of faith.

One thing's for sure:  I will be hitting the phone before I do anything - but I can't leave them like this.

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