Monday, 9 June 2014

Calmer waters

Things had been a bit hectic since we got back from France last Wednesday evening,what with chasing up the return of my own car from the body shop, returning the hire car and various Lions-related activities.  Somehow I never did find the time to write (OK, type) my speech to propose the toast at the Lions charter celebrations on Saturday evening.  I did have it mapped out to some extent in my head and just winged it from there but it seemed to be received reasonably well.  Then yesterday I actually found the time to cut the grass.  If I'd left it much longer a goat would have difficulty cropping it; in fact, we would have needed a whole flock of goats.  There are still numerous things to be done but I think the pressure is off now.

Our charter night dinner was held at a golf club up near the Devil's Dyke.  My seat provided a sweeping view across the golf course and the Downs to Brighton and the sea.  I failed to take a camera with me but returned yesterday afternoon to take this panoramic view, almost identical to what I was looking at on Saturday evening.

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