Monday, 3 March 2014

A mish-mash

Were you ever faced with the challenge in which you were given three words which you had to use in a meaningful sentence?  Those three words would be seemingly so disparate that there could be no connection between them.  If you have been, you will appreciate the dilemma facing me as I sit here at the keyboard with the intention of providing you with something either entertaining or instructive or thought-provoking.  Of course, I don't need you to tell me that what I offer for your delectation is generally complete and utterly meaningless drivel.  Nevertheless, I persevere.

Today, there are three potential subjects that offer themselves for my dissertation.  The challenge I face is that none of the three can really be stretched into more than a sentence or two.  That being so, I have decided that I will just post all three thoughts and experiences as a bullet list.  So here we go.
  • The seasons continue their never-ending, inexorable advance - which sounds almost doom-laden but really is nothing of the sort.  It was on Wednesday last that I parked at Lions Dene and saw that the bank in front of me was spotted with violets.  Yesterday, I saw the first primrose of the year.  Spring is on the way!
  • It was also yesterday that I experienced what I might call a "Professor Higgins" moment.  You recall that scene in My Fair Lady when he declares, "By George, she's got it!" as Eliza Doolittle manages to pronounce correctly, "the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain"?  I have mentioned before that the Old Bat has no inkling of the effects of gravity and insists on hanging the kitchen towel and tea towels on their respective rails with only a miniscule amount on one side of the rail and is then surprised when said towel falls to the floor.  I have been giving her some intensive training and yesterday she managed to hang a towel with equal amounts either side of the rail.  It did, admittedly, take her quite some time to achieve perfection and I have to confess that I am not exactly full of confidence that she will repeat the feat any time soon.
  • The young girl - she looks only about 15 years old - who presents the local weather forecast on Sunday evenings warned us last night that we would get showers and that during the day (today) they would get organised.  Showers... organised?

With the warmer weather coming up, we might even think of picnics.  This would be a delightful spot for one.  It is the village of Armaille, only a few miles from our French cottage.

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