Monday, 17 February 2014

Sunshine and floods

I mentioned that we had blue skies yesterday and that I hoped to get into the garden.  I did indeed, but before that I spent a happy hour or more wandering across the Downs with the dog.  We weren't the only ones enjoying the break in the winter weather.  Shortly after I had taken this picture, the whole group cantered off towards the Chattri.  Fern (the spaniel) doesn't 'do' horses so we cut off in a different direction to keep out of their way.

It was only after a cup of tea that I got into the garden where I spent an hour dead-heading two hydrangeas and pruning the roses (better late than never). 

I checked our local newspaper's web site this morning and was surprised to see that the main Brighton to Lewes road was partly closed yesterday because of flooding.  This morning there are no trains from Brighton to London, again because of flooding - at Patcham.  It seems the ground water level is some 47 metres above ordnance datum level and the flooding is just water seeping out of the ground.  On the other hand, the paths through the woods in the local park seemed drier this morning!


joeh said...

Could you send some of that excess water to California, I hear they really need it.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Thanks, Joe.
I will second that.
Only one request:
Don't drop it like Saturday night, please.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Skip, you are more than welcome to come and grab a couple of buckets-full if that will help tide you over.