Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cross words

I read a report in yesterday's newspaper about some recent research undertaken by a university in America somewhere, possibly Chicago.  It seems that the researchers had discovered that exercise is more beneficial than doing puzzles in warding off dementia as we get older.  (Yeah, yeah - I know.  Research, huh!)  Their conclusion was that the brain shrinks as we get older but exercise encourages it to expand and, at least partly, fill up the empty space.  Quite why this should be was something they had not discovered but they surmised that it had something to do with exercise increasing the flow of blood.

Well, if this research is indeed correct, that's a very good reason for owning a dog.  I spend somewhere between an hour and a half and two hours each day just walking.  Not especially briskly, I agree, but at least parts of my body are moving and that must do something to help the blood flow through the narrowing veins and arteries.  I also make an attempt to do two sudoku puzzles and a crossword each day.  Not just in case that will help stave off dementia but because I enjoy solving puzzles.  So I don't bother with the quick crosswords or the general knowledge ones either.  With those you either know the answer or you don't - in which case it can often be looked up.  No, my preference is for the cryptic variety.  These involve a modicum of lateral thinking and are, I think, both more enjoyable (especially when I can complete one) and better exercise for the grey cells.

Talking of crosswords, I had a few yesterday,  Cross words, that is.  With myself.  I was backing the car out of a tight space when my attention was momentarily distracted.  I failed to stop in time and crashed into a wall.  Looking on the positive side, nobody was hurt and the wall was undamaged.  The only damage was to the car and my pride - although it will extend to my bank balance in due course.


My walk last Sunday took me to the top of the Downs from where I could look over at the village of Pyecombe nestling beneath Wolstonbury Hill.

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