Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Rest and be thankful

It would be good to relate that when I rose from my slumbers this morning and threw open the curtains, I was greeted by blue skies and a sunny day.  It would be good - but it would not be true for the simple reason that it was still dark when I half fell out of bed today.  Mind you, by the time it was light we did have some patches of blue.  It felt quite balmy walking the dog after breakfast as there were still some blue spots overhead and the wind had died down.  Having said that, according to Alexis the weather girl, things will liven up again over night.  All the same, it is good to have at least a brief respite.

Not that I really have anything worth complaining about.  There is no tide mark around the walls of our ground floor, we are not even surrounded by acres of water.  We have suffered no loss of electricity so we have heat and light - and have had without break.  We have food and drink, and are able to restock without any difficulty whenever we want.  Things could be so very much worse and I am, truly, thankful for that.


To continue our tour of the Stanmer estate, today we go right up through the woods to the Upper Lodges.

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