Friday, 13 December 2013

Windows 8? So far, so good.

I finally gave up on the old computer.  It had been playing up for some time and eventually reached the stage where I just could not get it to boot up.  I could, I suppose, have taken it in to one of those repair shops but I had my doubts.  Would it be worth the expense of repairing or was it just past it?  And how could I know whether or not I could trust the repair shop staff with the confidential information on the hard drive?  So I cursed a bit and scratched around to see if there was any loose change down the back of the sofa.  Not that loose change would make much of an inroad into the cost of a replacement.  I even mentioned to my Luddite wife that I was thinking of spending money - she is almost at the stage of thinking that computers and the internet are tools of the Devil himself - and she seemed quite happy.  So I did.

I was decidedly dubious about the change in the operating system, having heard all kinds of worrying problems arising from Windows 8, including the fact that some of my well-proved and highly trusted software would not run.  I still use the version of WordPerfect that I bought at least 15 years ago as I consider it to be vastly superior to Word and I prefer Lotus 123 spreadsheets to Excel.  Then I had also been told that Microsoft Money (for Windows 95) does not run on Windows 8.

Well, I have loaded up most of my old packages - including Money - and so far everything seems tickety-boo.  Even the completely revamped desktop and start programs seem almost intuitive to me, although I have not yet worked out a few of the finer details.  I'm sure it will all be fine.


Now, somewhere on this computer - if I can but find them - are the photos I took on our last trip to France.

This is but another example of how buildings in France are sometimes just left to decay.  This is almost alongside the forest memorial in yesterday's picture.


Stephen said...

No comment on this blog but found the following entry from 2011 very interesting.

I was searching for a photo of Knightsbridge Cemetery and your blog popped up with my grandfather's information. I am Nell's grandson, Alan's son.

If you can, please contact me.

Buck said...

Then I had also been told that Microsoft Money (for Windows 95) does not run on Windows 8.

It doesn't run on Windows 7 and I never could get it to work... and I TRIED. I have well over ten years of financial data in dot-MNY format that I can't access and it just irritates the Hell outta me.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Well, Buck, maybe you need another upgrade? Seems strange, tho', that Money works on Windows 8 but not 7.