Thursday, 5 December 2013

Back - and frustrated

It has been very good, this past week, to sit back and swich off almost completely.  There had been a time or two during the days before we left for France when I was in danger of feeling quite overwhelmed.  It must be old age or something but there seemed to be just too much that needed doing.  I felt - and you must excuse the cliché - as though I was wading knee-deep in treacle.  Everything was hard work, even the things I enjoy the most, so having the chance to do little but read, eat and drink has invigorated me enormously.

But I have come back, not just to Blighty, but also to frustration.  I have been trying to switch on the PC without success.  When I press the on/off button, what appears on the screen is text that offers me the choice of "Press F1 for set up" etc etc.  This was happening before I went away and I discovered that what I needed to do was alter the order of the start-up search from DVD first and hard drive second to the other way around.  Today the wretched machine refuses to accept my commands!  And it is on that computer that I run my accounts software, store pictures and so on.

At least I have the laptop and so I have managed to catch up on my email and read most if not quite all yet of the blogs I follow.

We were extraordinarily lucky with the weather while in France, most days being pretty sunny although not scorching hot.  There is a forest near our village where the autumn colours were still perfect.  I must have taken well over a hundred pictures in my attempt to take the perfect autumn shot.  Not exactly perfect, perhaps, but I like this one.


Suldog said...

It's a lovely shot. I wish we had some of that around here today. It's dark, cold, a bit rainy - gloomy, really, and it's not helping my mood.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Welcome back anyway.
Hope your visit to France was good.
Sully's right.
It is a lovely shot.

Buck said...

Yup, what Jim said... in every respect.

I hope you sort out your computer issues. Things like that scare the Hell outta me.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Thanks, guys.