Wednesday, 6 November 2013

They got it right

The weather forecasters, I mean.  They told us that we would have rain yesterday morning - and we did.  They also said it would stop about midday - and it did.  So, once again Brighton Lions Club held their annual fireworks display.  I have been involved with the Lions since 1986 and there has been only one year since then when we have had to cancel our fireworks display because of the rain.  Given that we are in England and that Guy Fawkes Day (or Bonfire Night) is in November, one of our wettest months, that is quite some record.

Tony (a fellow Lion) and I were at the ground and set up to sell tickets by 3.30 and we had barely a few minutes between then and very nearly 8.00pm when we sat and twiddled our thumbs.  From 6.00pm, when the gates opened, until 7.30, when the display started, there was no let up.  I am told that total ticket sales yesterday were just over £30,000 - and there are the advance sales to add to that.  I calculate that people came into the ground at the rate of about 100 a minute.

It was good to find this tweet from a spectator:
Fireworks not normally my thing.. But tonight's was actually quality. Good work @BrightonLion followed up by: completely agree!

Yes, we are on Twitter - not that we know how to use it!

I have also hand-delivered to old folk 70+ invitations to the Lions pre-Christmas party and just hope we don't get too many acceptances.  The room the hotel lends us can't cope with more than about 50 people - fewer if their are several wheelchairs.

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The Broad said...

You were fortunate! Up here no such luck -- dreadful weather for the big night on Saturday and last night it started up again.