Monday, 4 November 2013

Fingers crossed

I wonder what is happening here. Firefox kept crashing on me so I - rather reluctantly - switched to IE. I opened up a new blog and typed in the title - above. And that was it. A message appeared at the foot of the screen informing me "error on page". No way could I start typing anything on the "compose" screen. I tried refreshing, reloading and everthing I could think of to absolutely no avail. Then I switched to the HTML screen. I am still getting the "error on screen" message but at least I can type something!

I wonder. Perhaps that message is a not-so-subtle hint that what I am typing is a right load of codswallop. Well, I know it is, you might very well think it is, but how the heckythump can a computer know it is? Are we really being taken over by heartless technological wizardry? I don't really think matters have quite reached that stage, although given the driverless cars that are being tested, maybe we are not so very far off. What a scary thought!

Anyway, the next couple of days are going to be pretty busy. Today, a trip to see the quack. I rather expect he will prescribe a course of steroids to put down what I have self-diagnosed as the aspergyllosis thingy playing up. I certainly hope he will so that I can move about at a normal speed without bursting into a fit of coughing! Then this afternoon I hope to deliver the invitations to senior citizens to attend the pre-Christmas party being organised by Brighton Lions. I know it sounds horribly early but they need a bit of time to reply and we need to know numbers so that if we are short of attendees we still have time to find more (if you follow my drift).

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY. I expect I will need to fit in a supermarket run with the Old Bat but not long after lunch I will have to make my way to the county cricket ground where Brighton Lions are staging the county's biggest and best fireworks display. So it's fingers crossed for the weather as this is our big fund-raiser and we have already spent £12,000 or so on the fireworks!


I have trawled though the photographic archives and found this scene.  The picture was taken back in November 2010 and is the view from Balmer Down looking to the south-east.  The chalk cliff is Seaford Head and that is indeed the sea in the distance - the English Channel.


Buck said...

Will you have time tomorrow evening to take some pictures?

Here's hoping the weather cooperates for your event.

Brighton Pensioner said...

I doubt I will have time to use the camera but I will try.