Friday, 22 November 2013

Don't shoot the messenger

Well, they don't these days, do they?  Especially if the messenger is bringing good news.  And that's what I am doing today - except that I'm not actually bringing the news as Geoff will have done that yesterday.

It all started three weeks ago when I dropped into the Sussex MS Treatment Centre to collect the Old Bat after her hyperbaric oxygen session.  As I dropped off the Old Bat, Alan, the centre manager, had said that he had met somebody from a local Lions Club who had commented that it was sometime since the centre had received any funding from that Lions Club.  Alan couldn't place just which Lions Club it was, nor how to contact them.  I thought about it while wandering the aisles of the supermarket and almost missing several things on the list, and on my return told Jane, the fund-raiser, how to get in touch.  She mentioned that she was trying to raise the money to buy a piece of equipment they had been lent on trial.  The price was £5,245, towards which the users of the equipment had donated £500.  I suggested she speak to Geoff, the member of Brighton Lions who deals with grants.

This week, Brighton Lions agreed to donate £4,745 so that the equipment can be bought and it will be my pleasant duty to give them the cheque this morning.  But Geoff will have rung Jane yesterday to tell her the good news, which means I'm not the messenger.


There are always sheep on the Downs at all times of the year, but there seem to be more during the winter months.  I rather suspect that some of them have been moved from the Romney Marsh in the hope that the fields behind Brighton will provide less challenging weather conditions.

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